Misplaced concern

I’ve been watching this OWS crowd for a month, listening to their spokespeople, visiting their various websites, speaking with their supporters and such, attempting to get a handle on just what it is that has them concerned enough to sleep outside in the depths of … Autumn.

The best I’ve been able to determine from their rather incoherent disjointed grumblings is they have a severe issue with what they see as corporate corruption of our federal government.  Well, to be honest, I also have a bit of a concern there.  Our government pays much too much attention to the contributions of big business.

That is NOT the fault of big business.  Business is in business to make money; for
themselves and their stock holders.  They spend money to make money; on research, development, advertising, and supporting politicians that will enhance their ability to make money.  I am not at all surprised at that and I’m unclear why anyone would be. While on that note, business is not in business to provide jobs for Americans or to be patriotic in some manner.  Some may be, but only as far as it makes money.

On the other hand, elected officials, particularly to federal positions, have sworn an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”.  That is their business, their ONLY business.

Now, if the OWS crowd has a real issue with corporate corruption of their elected officials, it is the elected officials who have violated their oaths (criminally I might add), and it becomes the duty of their constituents to vote the criminals out of office.  So if they really want to fix the problem, instead of just hurling insults at people who have the audacity to be successful, they will mount a campaign to have those officials removed from office, replacing them with patriots who will “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”.


By the way, constitutionally, the federal government is not in business to create jobs for Americans either.  The full extent of their power and authority is defined in the Constitution of the United States.


If we revere it as the supreme law of the land, as we should, we should know what it says, and maybe as importantly what it doesn’t say.

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