fair share

When raising children it is common for parents to force them to “share” their things.  That bit of foolish education is now coming home to roost.  Now before you get your knickers in a twist, just how much sharing do you do on a regular basis?  Just how often do you share your house, your car, your money, your spouse, your electricity, your things?  Yeah, thought so, even the Christian tithe is rare in most lives.  And yet we’ve raised a generation steeped in that nonsense, how else can we explain mobs of people complaining that rich people are rich, that they don’t “share” their riches?  Maybe it’s time to put away childish things and point out to these misguided children that life isn’t fair.

Life isn’t fair, it never has been fair, and it won’t ever be so. If someone told you it was they lied. “Work hard and get ahead” is something mommas tell children to get them to do their homework. Some people will work their keesters off and never make enough to buy a dinner out. Hard work is no guarantee of success.  A college degree is no guarantee of prosperity; neither is a masters, or multiple degrees. In fact there is NO guarantee of prosperity; never has been, nor should there be. Sometimes the market shifts, there little need for buggy whips anymore. Sometimes a market glut evaporate profits, sometimes owners sell their share of a market, sometimes people stop buying your product, sometimes technology shifts just enough to kill your sector, sometimes competition from other countries is too much to overcome, sometimes you just make a bad bet.

That said, your odds of success are considerably better if you work hard than they are if you stand in a park with a sign.

Being unemployed in this economy is common for nearly 10% of the working population, finding a job is difficult and I don’t envy that position at all. Standing on a corner in Oakland will not improve that position at all. Complaining about rich people won’t improve that position, neither will complaining about the government. You have a better chance improving your position by buying a lotto ticket than any of those things.

However, there is a chance, a very slim one that working very hard in a new field may, just may, improve your financial position. There is NO chance that complaining about rich people will do anything at all for your economic situation.

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