The Evil of Compromise

Gee where to begin…

Compromise is the least intelligent political method currently infecting our political process … well it’s among the least intelligent anyway. Compromise is NOT the savior of political movements, it guarantees failure.

If you desire the thermostat set at 80 degrees and I desire it set at 60 degrees the obvious compromise is 70 degrees, a setting that fails us both, it is a fail-fail. If one of those settings is right then all other settings are wrong and the compromise is wrong. There are only a couple of advantages to compromise. First, it offers the appearance of progress where none really exists, practitioners of the deception are seen as moving the issue “forward” (another concept bereft of integrity) when in reality neither position is satisfied.  Second it appears to absolve the participants from responsibility to their constituents, each tried to do the “right” thing but compromise was forced on them.  The truth is directly opposite of the appearance, they have abdicated their sworn responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution and there is no “forward” in compromise.  Compromise is a political lie offered by those devoid of integrity in order to hide incompetence or malfeasance.

Compromise is how we got where we are;

“I want to spend no more than we have.”

“But I want to spend $3trillion more than we have.”

“We’ll compromise by only spending $2trillion more than we have.”

Now I know it didn’t happen in one fell swoop as such, it happened in small miniscule violations of integrity; “I’ll vote for your bill that I don’t support, if you’ll vote for my bill that you don’t support.”  Each representative compromises integrity to move “forward”; each sells his oath to buy the votes of his constituents by promoting his bill.

The above sounds like a malady for the elect only, but it is a disease of the electorate as well.  We demand such compromise in order to move forward because we fear stagnation.  There is no good reason to fear it, most often it is better to do nothing until better or more complete information is available, but that is not our nature.  We demand a move “forward” and decry a “do nothing” position when that is what congress should be doing more often than not.

We, the electorate, are guilty of the most heinous compromise.  We fail to demand the best representation, choosing to compromise our integrity by electing the lesser of two evils, forgetting conveniently that though lesser it remains evil. After decades of such failure of our duty, we are surprised when our government is evil.  Any compromise from good is evil.

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