King For a Day

Were I king for half an hour, I would demand that “NONE OF THE ABOVE” be on every ballot for every federally elected position.  If NOTA collects the most votes, no one in that race can ever run for any federal office again.  Voting would be manditory, and no party affiliations would appear on any ballot.


Here is what I’m looking for in a candidate:

1.) Veto any bill longer than 10 pages (including the budget).  The single most powerful legislation on the planet is the First Amendment, a single sentence.  If you can’t say what you need in ten pages, you’re trying to hide something.

2.) Veto any bill that does not have as its first page the Constitutional authority for the other nine pages.

3.) Work 50 weeks a year like the rest of us (some of us 6 days a week) plus the 24 hr. on call on top.  Golf and “hoops” are Saturday afternoon after the grass is cut, and there’s a buttload of grass around the White House.

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