TARP revisited

I was perusing a political forum the other night, it is not something I usually do, but I was up and bored, so there you are. Anyway I was astounded by the level of misinformation some people have out there in the world. Not just one, but dozens of individuals were exceedingly chagrined over President Bush’s bailout of “Wall Street”.  Even as old as I am, my ‘rememberer’ works better than that.  Granted, that Mr. Bush signed the piece of unconstitutional lunacy, but it was promoted and passed overwhelmingly by Democrats.  While I have no love for Mr. Bush (precisely because he signed bills like this) he just signed what he was sent, and it was Democrats that sent him this bit of criminality.

H.R. 1424 [110th]:  Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (“Wall Street”/Bank Bailout)
Date:     Mar 5, 2008 8:03PM        Result: Passed
House Vote:
Totals    Dem      Rep        Ind
Yea:       268         221         47           0
Nay:       148         3              145         0
NV:        13           7              6              0

Senate Vote:
Totals    Dem      Rep        Ind
Yea:       74           40           33           1
Nay:       25           9              15           1
NV:        1              1              0              0

Totals Both Houses:
Yea:       342         261         80           1
Nay:       173         12           160         1
NV:        14           8              6              0




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