“None of the Above”

I’m no longer looking for a third party, I’ve started building support for “None Of The Above” on the ballot instead.

1.)  For every federal race, a box will be included that says “None of the Above”.

2.)  Any candidate that does NOT receive more votes than “NOTA” is permanently barred from seeking any office anywhere.

3.)  If “NOTA” wins, ALL candidates are permanently barred and the state has 10 days to hold elections for new candidates (including NOTA).

4.)  If “NOTA” causes a run-off, (two other candidates getting more votes than “NOTA” but not a clear majority) it will remain on the ballot with the two remaining candidates and they have one shot at producing a majority winner.  If there is no majority from the run-off, both candidates are barred from that election and the state has 10 days to hold elections for new candidates (including NOTA).  Candidates receiving more votes than “NOTA” in the run-off are free to seek future offices.

Allowing for “NOTA” will eliminate the concept of the lessor of two evils.  We can choose NOT to vote for an evil choice by selecting “NOTA”.

Of course just as there are ballot options for “straight ticket” voting based on party, there would be the option of straight ticket “NOTA” as well.

Dunno ‘bout anyone else, but it would certainly make MY preparations for voting MUCH easier.


How about you??  Post your thoughts and comments and we’ll fine tune this thought.

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