King For a Day

Were I king for half an hour, I would demand that “NONE OF THE ABOVE” be on every ballot for every federally elected position.  If NOTA collects the most votes, no one in that race can ever run for any federal office again.  Voting would be manditory, and no party affiliations would appear on any ballot.


Here is what I’m looking for in a candidate:

1.) Veto any bill longer than 10 pages (including the budget).  The single most powerful legislation on the planet is the First Amendment, a single sentence.  If you can’t say what you need in ten pages, you’re trying to hide something.

2.) Veto any bill that does not have as its first page the Constitutional authority for the other nine pages.

3.) Work 50 weeks a year like the rest of us (some of us 6 days a week) plus the 24 hr. on call on top.  Golf and “hoops” are Saturday afternoon after the grass is cut, and there’s a buttload of grass around the White House.

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Social Unsustainable

Retiring at 65 in 2012 after working since age 16, the maximum possible Social Security contribution (including employer contribution) is $177,069 *. Using a 4% interest rate the value of the investment over 49 years* would be worth a maximum of $270,511 *.

A standard Social Security benefit payment for maximum earning would be around $3,500. $270,511 will last 6.44 years, after that the funds are coming from other tax payers.

A retiree, retiring in 2005, investing the very maximum in the system (plus interest), $122,500, exhausted that contribution in 2010 A retiree, retiring in 1992 (20 years ago) had a possible MAX contribution of only $50,022 and exhausted it by 1996.

With more and more retirees, living longer, supported by fewer and fewer contributors the system is unsustainable. It is time to retire this system.

From the Social Security Administration:

Maximum         Contribution for 49 years
Year Tax Base Employee Employer Total
1937 $3,000 $30 $0 $30
1938 $3,000 $60 $0 $60
1939 $3,000 $90 $0 $90
1940 $3,000 $120 $0 $120
1941 $3,000 $150 $0 $150
1942 $3,000 $180 $0 $180
1943 $3,000 $210 $0 $210
1944 $3,000 $240 $0 $240
1945 $3,000 $270 $0 $270
1946 $3,000 $300 $0 $300
1947 $3,000 $330 $0 $330
1948 $3,000 $360 $0 $360
1949 $3,000 $390 $0 $390
1950 $3,000 $435 $0 $435
1951 $3,600 $489 $0 $489
1952 $3,600 $543 $0 $543
1953 $3,600 $597 $0 $597
1954 $3,600 $669 $0 $669
1955 $4,200 $753 $0 $753
1956 $4,200 $837 $0 $837
1957 $4,200 $932 $0 $932
1958 $4,200 $1,026 $0 $1,026
1959 $4,800 $1,146 $0 $1,146
1960 $4,800 $1,290 $0 $1,290
1961 $4,800 $1,434 $0 $1,434
1962 $4,800 $1,584 $0 $1,584
1963 $4,800 $1,758 $0 $1,758
1964 $4,800 $1,932 $0 $1,932
1965 $4,800 $2,106 $0 $2,106
1966 $6,600 $2,360 $23 $2,383
1967 $6,600 $2,618 $56 $2,674
1968 $7,800 $2,914 $103 $3,017
1969 $7,800 $3,242 $150 $3,391
1970 $7,800 $3,569 $197 $3,766
1971 $7,800 $3,928 $243 $4,171
1972 $9,000 $4,342 $297 $4,639
1973 $10,800 $4,866 $405 $5,271
1974 $13,200 $5,519 $524 $6,043
1975 $14,100 $6,217 $651 $6,868
1976 $15,300 $6,974 $789 $7,763
1977 $16,500 $7,791 $937 $8,728
1978 $17,700 $8,685 $1,114 $9,799
1979 $22,900 $9,910 $1,355 $11,265
1980 $25,900 $11,226 $1,627 $12,852
1981 $29,700 $12,815 $2,013 $14,828
1982 $32,400 $14,564 $2,434 $16,998
1983 $35,700 $16,492 $2,898 $19,390
1984 $37,800 $18,647 $3,389 $22,036
1985 $39,600 $20,904 $3,924 $24,828
1986 $42,000 $23,298 $4,533 $27,831
1987 $43,800 $25,765 $5,168 $30,933
1988 $45,000 $28,462 $5,821 $34,282
1989 $48,000 $31,340 $6,517 $37,857
1990 $51,300 $34,491 $7,260 $41,751
1991 $53,400 $37,772 $8,035 $45,807
1992 $55,500 $41,183 $8,840 $50,022
1993 $57,600 $44,724 $9,675 $54,399
1994 $60,600 $48,451 $10,553 $59,005
1995 $61,200 $52,216 $11,441 $63,656
1996 $62,700 $56,073 $12,350 $68,423
1997 $65,400 $60,098 $13,298 $73,396
1998 $68,400 $64,309 $14,290 $78,599
1999 $72,600 $68,780 $15,343 $84,123
2000 $76,200 $73,459 $16,448 $89,907
2001 $80,400 $78,390 $17,613 $96,003
2002 $84,900 $83,600 $18,845 $102,444
2003 $87,000 $88,940 $20,106 $109,046
2004 $87,900 $94,318 $21,381 $115,698
2005 $90,000 $99,814 $22,686 $122,499
2006 $94,200 $105,570 $24,051 $129,621
2007 $97,500 $111,521 $25,465 $136,986
2008 $102,000 $117,750 $26,944 $144,694
2009 $106,800 $124,252 $28,493 $152,744
2010 $106,800 $130,729 $30,041 $160,771
2011 $106,800 $137,207 $31,590 $168,797
2012 $110,100 $143,883 $33,186 $177,069
*Assumes   maximum earned income for full OASDI deduction for a non-self-employed   employee for each year of earning to achieve the maximum deduction amount   possible.  49 years assumes an employee   earns that maximum income from age 16 through age 65.  Any earning or time span less than these   will result in considerably lower contributions.
FV @ 5% $325,701
FV @ 4% $270,511
FV @ 3% $227,270
Years @ $3500/mo Monthly for 25 years Monthly for 20 years Monthly for 10 years
$177,069 4.22 $590 $738 $1,476
$325,701 7.75 $1,086 $1,357 $2,714
$270,511 6.44 $902 $1,127 $2,254
$227,270 5.41 $758 $947 $1,894
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New tax cuts by Democrats?? WUWT?

I thought tax cuts for the rich were bad?

Why is the White House promoting just that with his new jobs bill??

Here’s the White House website with a snazzy tax calculator:

The site claims that if you don’t pass the jobs bill (what’s in it again??) then your taxes will go up. Plug your income in the calculator and see just how much you’ll keep with the bill and how much you’ll lose without it.

According to the snazzy calculator:                                                                                                    A married couple making   $30,000 will see a net change of $1530                                           A married couple making   $50,000 will see a net change of $2550                                           A married couple making $100,000 will see a net change of $5100                              A married couple making over $110,000 will see a net change of $5615

Of course there’s no mention of from where the money for the bill will come, or the increased deficit, or the increased debt, or the increased indebtedness to China, or the Constitutional authorization for the bill, or anything real, but it’s a snazzy calculator.

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Taxing the rich solves the problem?

In 2009 there were approximately

137,900,000 tax returns that paid $870 Billion in taxes

1,400,000 tax returns with incomes in excess of $340,000. (Top 1%)                                 They paid $318 Billion in taxes or 36.7% of all income taxes paid

6,900,000 tax returns with incomes in excess of $155,000. (Top 5%)                                 They paid $508 Billion in taxes or 58.7% of all income taxes paid                                   Source: Internal Revenue Service

The current annual federal budget deficit is $1,302 Billion

If we DOUBLE the taxes of ALL incomes over $155,000 we still spend $794 Billion* dollars more than we take in.

We have a spending problem NOT a revenue problem.  The politicians are distracting the uninformed or misinformed into a class war to hide their malfeasance.

ALL spending not specifically authorized by the Constitution must be eliminated.

VOTE ‘EM OUT  ALL of them.


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The Evil of Compromise

Gee where to begin…

Compromise is the least intelligent political method currently infecting our political process … well it’s among the least intelligent anyway. Compromise is NOT the savior of political movements, it guarantees failure.

If you desire the thermostat set at 80 degrees and I desire it set at 60 degrees the obvious compromise is 70 degrees, a setting that fails us both, it is a fail-fail. If one of those settings is right then all other settings are wrong and the compromise is wrong. There are only a couple of advantages to compromise. First, it offers the appearance of progress where none really exists, practitioners of the deception are seen as moving the issue “forward” (another concept bereft of integrity) when in reality neither position is satisfied.  Second it appears to absolve the participants from responsibility to their constituents, each tried to do the “right” thing but compromise was forced on them.  The truth is directly opposite of the appearance, they have abdicated their sworn responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution and there is no “forward” in compromise.  Compromise is a political lie offered by those devoid of integrity in order to hide incompetence or malfeasance.

Compromise is how we got where we are;

“I want to spend no more than we have.”

“But I want to spend $3trillion more than we have.”

“We’ll compromise by only spending $2trillion more than we have.”

Now I know it didn’t happen in one fell swoop as such, it happened in small miniscule violations of integrity; “I’ll vote for your bill that I don’t support, if you’ll vote for my bill that you don’t support.”  Each representative compromises integrity to move “forward”; each sells his oath to buy the votes of his constituents by promoting his bill.

The above sounds like a malady for the elect only, but it is a disease of the electorate as well.  We demand such compromise in order to move forward because we fear stagnation.  There is no good reason to fear it, most often it is better to do nothing until better or more complete information is available, but that is not our nature.  We demand a move “forward” and decry a “do nothing” position when that is what congress should be doing more often than not.

We, the electorate, are guilty of the most heinous compromise.  We fail to demand the best representation, choosing to compromise our integrity by electing the lesser of two evils, forgetting conveniently that though lesser it remains evil. After decades of such failure of our duty, we are surprised when our government is evil.  Any compromise from good is evil.

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The power of the presidency (or “because his lips are moving”)

If a presidential candidate, ANY presidential candidate from any party at any time tells you he will;

cut taxes

raise taxes

cut spending

raise spending

balance the budget

bust the budget

create jobs

or anything related to those

KNOW that he is a liar, lying to you and he knows it.

The office of the presidency has NO authority to do ANY of those things, all of those issues are the responsibility and duty of Congress.  The only control the office of the presidency has over those issues is that of veto, he can sign the bills or veto them.

If a candidate tells you otherwise he’s a liar, do not vote for him.


From the Constitution of the United States of America:

The President shall

be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states,

have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties,

nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States,

have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session.

from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient;

[may], on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in case of disagreement between them, with respect to the time of adjournment, he may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper

receive ambassadors and other public ministers

take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and shall commission all the officers of the United States.

Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation:–“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”


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fair share

When raising children it is common for parents to force them to “share” their things.  That bit of foolish education is now coming home to roost.  Now before you get your knickers in a twist, just how much sharing do you do on a regular basis?  Just how often do you share your house, your car, your money, your spouse, your electricity, your things?  Yeah, thought so, even the Christian tithe is rare in most lives.  And yet we’ve raised a generation steeped in that nonsense, how else can we explain mobs of people complaining that rich people are rich, that they don’t “share” their riches?  Maybe it’s time to put away childish things and point out to these misguided children that life isn’t fair.

Life isn’t fair, it never has been fair, and it won’t ever be so. If someone told you it was they lied. “Work hard and get ahead” is something mommas tell children to get them to do their homework. Some people will work their keesters off and never make enough to buy a dinner out. Hard work is no guarantee of success.  A college degree is no guarantee of prosperity; neither is a masters, or multiple degrees. In fact there is NO guarantee of prosperity; never has been, nor should there be. Sometimes the market shifts, there little need for buggy whips anymore. Sometimes a market glut evaporate profits, sometimes owners sell their share of a market, sometimes people stop buying your product, sometimes technology shifts just enough to kill your sector, sometimes competition from other countries is too much to overcome, sometimes you just make a bad bet.

That said, your odds of success are considerably better if you work hard than they are if you stand in a park with a sign.

Being unemployed in this economy is common for nearly 10% of the working population, finding a job is difficult and I don’t envy that position at all. Standing on a corner in Oakland will not improve that position at all. Complaining about rich people won’t improve that position, neither will complaining about the government. You have a better chance improving your position by buying a lotto ticket than any of those things.

However, there is a chance, a very slim one that working very hard in a new field may, just may, improve your financial position. There is NO chance that complaining about rich people will do anything at all for your economic situation.

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